5 Blues Piano Licks You Just Gotta Know

bluesmanpianoAlthough not just for playing the Blues, you’ll certainly have fun applying these 5 easy piano licks throughout that 12-bar blues form whenever you feel inspired to have fun enjoying the benefits that go hand in hand with playing the Blues on those keys!

Yes, you’ve got to know these 5 licks. However, the best part is that once you get a handle on them, you’ll be creating your own improvisation licks at that piano or keyboard of yours before you know it! Again, as I always encourage, you want to develop your own personal piano style… and taking simple tools like this one and using them to take them further when it comes to your own playing is absolutely conducive to your creating that style!

Sure, you’ll be having more fun playing the Blues, knowing these 5 essential licks but, again, you’ll find yourself using them while enjoying whatever your favorite style, whether you’re swingin’ it, playin’ ballads, or virtually anything else. In addition, just by familiarizing yourself with these very easy-to-learn licks, it won’t take much effort on your part to come up with your very own licks because you’ll automatically start seeing (and hearing) them!

Tons of fun have gone into creating this one and it’s my sincere desire that you’ll have a ball as you incorporate these musical ideas into your own playing… also, remember, because these licks are “short and sweet,” you won’t be spending oodles of time before you’re enjoying the benefits you’re about to gain from this!

Special note about this video session: We will be taking a look at five (5) essential finger positions based on the key of C Major. The essence of this session is to have you become familiar with these “must know” positions. The actual “licks” that you play using these positions will vary according to your taste and experimentation! Of course, several examples are demonstrated : ) Blues piano beginners will appreciate this as an essential starting point for coming up with interesting improvisation licks of their own. More advanced players should feel inspired to take these positions and transpose them to other keys, as doing so will lead one to discovering an unlimited supply
of musical ideas that can be used in virtually any musical scenario. In addition, learning these licks in a given key will certainly result in the realization that the lick (even when played in that “key”) can be applied to other chords in other keys. An example is my very short example of one of the licks being played briefly “in the key of C” over an Abmaj7 chord in a short segment of Erroll Garner’s Misty in Eb major (again, the possibilities are unlimited).

It should also be noted that this is not a “paint-by-number” approach to improvising. You are not being shown “where to use” these ideas per se, the incentive being to leave things open to your imagination and own personal creative inspiration. Also, once your fingers have “become familiar with establishing territory” of these areas on the keyboard in various keys, confidence escalates, to say the least.

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