Chord & Improvisation Basics

If learning cocktail piano is an aspiration of yours and you have yet to learn how to play your first basic chord(s), this package will help you to establish a foundation of chord basics, improvisation basics, and playing by ear. Then, more advanced concepts can certainly be explored. It should be noted that learning your 7th chords and the many complex chord symbols associated with them should be a concentration of yours, since devoting attention in this area will certainly lead you to a smoother experience with making more of those 7th chords, like playing cocktail piano voicings for 9th chords, 11th chords, 13th chords, etc. Such chord symbols are acknowledged and explained in one of the programs contained within this package. This is a basic bundle that you will want to have for reference as you engage in other learning activities. For this reason, special pricing has been made available.

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