It’s Only A Paper Moon:
Voicings & More!

Once again, I’ve been inspired by those emails that have been rolling in… Thank You so very much for all of them! Both ProProach members and those considering getting involved in that popular pro piano chord program will enjoy what this one has to offer. We have fun strolling our way through the 32 bars of that might popular standard song It’s Only A Paper Moon! Chances are pretty good that you have the sheet music for this one already (if not, it’s really easy to get… you can ask and we can help). Though, some people will simply enjoy watching and listening and grabbing some ideas to create their very own nifty arrangements. Whether this tune is of interest to you or others, you’ll find the strategies included in these sessions suitable for learning and implementing in your other favorite songs for sure…

A little of what we cover:

*The value of “rootless voicings” and using them to create nice contrast in your playing

*Having fun “mixing it up” with those rootless voicings as well as “Shearing Blocks” and “Garland Voicings”

*Appreciating simplicity and knowing its place in your music

*Creating your own little arrangement utilizing contrast between activity


Whether it’s your first look at chord voicings or you’re looking to enhance your own playing, you’ll find some value with this one. As a matter of fact, I realize that so many of you who have not yet become involved with ProProach are indeed considering doing so and this session will serve as an incentive, I’m sure. (Those of you already involved, you’ll consider this a nice treat!) That being said, I want to make sure this gets into everyone’s hands…
that being the case, we’re making this at an exceptionally low price at this point, subject
to increase at any time…

You get this one for just… $12.00 (you read that right! But you must act now!)

(Video is approximately 14 minutes in duration)


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