Cocktail Piano:
Make Those Ballads
Sound “Pro” The
Easy Way


Animation keyboard included

The actual video session will include the keyboard animation for easier learning

If you have taken advantage of the special promotion for 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano and are enjoying the benefits from that special video session (which I had lots of fun creating), then this session will serve as a perfect follow-up.

Please allow me to explain: Let's cook at those keys! Let’s say that your chief goal was to become a baker and your first lesson led you to the level of confidence it takes to bake a basic loaf of bread. Well, it stands to reason that if your instructor said, “Okay, for your next lesson, you are going to learn how to make a “Baked Alaska” and you will have just an hour to perfect it,” it’s likely that you would feel as though you suddenly found yourself in a scenario that was not only intimidating but a tad ridiculous. Come on… you want to be able to produce results that are tasteful… and reachable (and fast!). From baking a loaf of bread to perfecting a “Baked Alaska” in two lessons just doesn’t make sense.

But if your instructor said, “Okay, great job! Now that you can make a decent loaf of bread, suppose we bake that same loaf of bread but add just enough spice to it that anyone would take a great deal of pleasure in not only enjoying a slice but is likely to ask for seconds,” it’s probable that you would enthusiastically say, “Okay, I’m up for it!”

Okay, so here’s what I’m proposing to you: Now that you are getting a handle on establishing a nice foundation for playing virtually any favorite ballad of yours in a tasteful fashion, how about we continue doing exactly what we are doing with those ballads and add just enough spice to them so that anyone would take a great deal of pleasure in not only enjoying listening but likely to want to hear more?

This, Friend, is your ticket. If you feel as though what you’re accomplishing in that first 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano session is something you’re feeling pretty good with, please consider joining me as we take a very non-intimidating approach to building upon what you’re achieved up to this point. It’s my intention to make this all so very easy for you that, when it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, your arrival at Point B will have occurred almost before you recognized it! Does this make sense?

Taking on this kind of approach makes the entire process a whole lot more fun, would you agree? What we’ll do in this session is enhance your playing by building on what we’ve already done with that first session and also be a tiny bit ornamental with those ballads. Again, this won’t be anything like jumping into cold waters. It will be a fun way to simply make your playing sound more tasteful a little bit at a time. I think you’ll enjoy it… Please consider joining me at those keys as we take things to the next level in a manner that is not only easy to swallow but pleasant to your ears… and to those who happen to be in the same room with you : o)

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