The Nitty Gritty of Piano Creativity

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Dear Fellow Piano Styling Enthusiast,

Welcome! As Woody Allen is famous for saying, “80% of success is showing up”… and you’re here! Thank You for that : ) I have to share something with you right here and now: (continued below)

As far as piano styling goes, if there ever was a time when I “spilled the beans” in any one piano video session more than I have in this new one, I would have a very difficult time coming up with which one. Friend, this one is special. Let me share a little as to why…

Have you ever known someone who could really bake well? I mean, when those chocolate chip cookies came out of the oven (and you were anywhere in the vicinity of it), they never had a chance to cool down. They were gone before the room temperature even had a chance of taking its toll! Those cookies may have been made with the exact same ingredients as those made my countless others… but that one individual just seemed to have the magic touch when it came to making those babies taste like something you couldn’t even describe. I know that’s true for me.

Well, this session, which I have been particularly passionate about, is about getting you to “bake” those keys like you never did before! Whether you have already taken advantage of any of the many learning items available in our store here at Piano Amore, or not, this one will serve you well. You see, even though we do take a look at some of those “goodies” like chord voicings and more, what I believe is especially grand about this one is that it really puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking what you already know and making the most of it if playing some dazzling choruses of those favorite standards of yours is an aspiration of yours. This is one you’ll want to view and listen to over and over again…

Inner Smarties

Allow your inner creative “smarties” to
make an appearance on those keys!

You see, it’s time to take whatever it is you know, however minimal or however vast and…


That’s right, it’s time to really “cook!”

You know, each and every time I create another session, there’s one idea at the forefront of my mind: “How can I really get it across better than I did the last time so these friends of mine really get it?” We really roll up the sleeves and dig in with this session! It’s my hope that you’ll feel the passion I was feeling throughout this entire session because it’s the one that will open the floodgates. This applies to you, whether you only know how to play basic triads (three-note chords) on that piano or keyboard of yours or you are already more familiar with more advanced concepts. Whatever you have learned via other lessons, this one will get you to put those ingredients together in such a way where “those cookies don’t get a chance to cool off!” I mean, people listening to you will absolutely detect something different. They will sense a brand of confidence coming from you because you will be more confident!

One great thing about this session is that it’s not as important that you assimilate all the specific ideas like chord voicings and other aspects of piano styling (though we do look at quite a bit) as it is that you grasp the overall approach to what we are doing (and you will!). That said, you will want to pause the video, go back, replay, and continue to do so because there a lot here in terms of content. Just the same, even after one viewing, you’ll realize some essentials that you can starting putting to work (or play) for yourself right away that will turn things around for you because I do repeat the ideas often enough so they “stick.” Follow the suggestions in this piano video session on a regular basis and things just won’t be the same for you.

Some of the things we acknowledge in this soon to be very popular session (that’s my prediction) as we have a ball with it all with Bart Howard’s infamous hit classic standard song Fly Me To the Moon:

* How to get your creative juices flowing on those keys with what you already know

* The “nitty gritty” of what it takes to get yourself to play with passion each and every single time you sit (or stand) at that piano keyboard

* How to look forward to your playing sessions more  than ever before

* How to incorporate strategies of the pros like “Shearing Blocks” and more

* How to make your music swing, even while playing very little

* How to get yourself comfortable with taking risks as you begin improvising, even if you never have before!

* How to “mix things up” as we take advantage of concepts like doubling that melody and walking that bass (even if you never walked a bass before)

* How to get yourself to feel as you can “do no wrong” every time you sit down to play (Hint: it all starts with your mind set!)

* How to “grab your audience” while even playing next to nothing!

* How to be like a “fortune teller” by predicting what chord comes next in a song much of the time (hey, even they don’t get it right every single time:))

* How to get your own personal psychology to work in your favor each and every time you play

* How to convey your confidence to those listening in a way you never have before

* So much more!

My MISSION STATEMENT for this session:

It is my objective, whatever level of playing competency you consider yourself
to be at right now, to have you experiencing a level of excitement – yep, feeling “goosebumps” – that you never did before when it comes to your personal potential for musical creativity at those keys! That’s right… I want you to experience “dizzying” heights of enthusiasm! This session will serve as the “boost” you need to take your belief in yourself, your sense of confidence, and your playing beyond what you ever thought possible!

“Thanks Dave. Your lessons are awesome! I had just about given up
how to “play” piano. After 7 years of classical lessons
as a kid I could
not play anything as an adult!
Now I can’t stop playing–don’t even need

sheet music. You the man!”
- Frank, Jacksonville, FL

Have you ever engaged in a conversation with someone and unexpectedly had the luxury of one of those “Aha!” moments that just changed your perspective in a certain area of your life? You know what I mean… ever since then, things just were never the same again. It is my hope (and belief!) that you will discover a few of those in this session : )

I would consider it a pleasure as well as a privilege to have you join me at those keys as, together, we enjoy almost an hour and a half exploring your personal creative musical potential! It’s my conviction that repeated exposure to this one will have you “walking tall” and wanting to devote more time at that piano keyboard then ever. Again, I’m really passionate about this one and I hope you feel the same as we make things happen beginning right here and now. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your continued support as you grab yourself a ticket to a journey that will absolutely make a positive difference in your piano playing forever by clicking the button below!

I’m on your side… let’s have fun at those keys!

And remember, Friend,

Just $50
if you act before midnight tonight on this one!
(Video is approximately 1 hour, 25 minutes in duration!)
Watch & listen online or download the .mp4 version for devices such as iPads

Contact me at info @ if there are any challenges processing your order. Things should work out absolutely fine, but I’m here for you!
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
    - Chinese Proverb

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  1. Dave, just wanted to say your program is appropriately named. Personally, I’ve never been in touch with such a practical approach to being creative. I’m a beginner (a real beginner) so much of what you have here I have to look ahead to but what you say about giving yourself permission to try new things is so practical. I went to my piano (an old renovated1938 Steinway!) and started feeling like a kid again. The stuff I was playing didn’t sound so hot at first but now I’m getting your drift! Thanks!

    • Tanya, Thank You again. Although I acknowledged your message personally via email, I just wanted to express my appreciation here for your contribution. And, please, continue loving, appreciating, and enjoying that Steinway (the model you have is a treasure!).

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