Know These 7th Chords

There are four basic types of 7th chords that you absolutely want to have familiarity with. There are more, of course, but these four are really the foundation to the others. For example, if you know what a G-7 chord is, then playing a G-7(b5) chord is simply arrived at by taking the 5th of the G-7 and lowering it one half step. Likewise, all the other 7th chords you will ultimately learn can be played by making simple adjustments.

Your four basic 7th chords are:

Major Sevenths

Minor Sevenths

Dominant Sevenths

Diminished Sevenths

Symbols for these chords can vary slightly. For example, a C Major Seventh chord can be represented by any of these:



To the novice, chord nomenclature can seem a bit intimidating at first, especially considering that there in not one universally accepted way to represent these chords. If you would be interested in learning how to play all the common (and not so common) 7th chords while also learning how to decode the mystery of these 7th chord symbols, you may want to check out The Ridiculously Easy Way To Master Those 7th Chords On The Piano. Video sessions that are very easy to understand are presented. In addition, you’ll have a grip on how to read 7th chords symbols in a very confident manner.

It is suggested that you make efforts to gain mastery of the four basic 7th chords mentioned above in several keys. This will lead to confidence when it comes to playing the inversions of these chords as well as those fancy jazz piano chords like 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths. Again, these four basic 7th chords will serve as your foundation. Once you’re feeling confident with these, you’ve accomplished something worthwhile!