The So What Piano Chord Voicing Explored

Miles Davis’ album Kind of Blue, which was released on August 17, 1959 has been regarding by many writers as not only Davis’ best selling album but the best selling jazz album of all time. The modal tune So What features a chord voicing played by Bill Evans which sounds so distinctive that it has actually been given the recognition of the “So What Chord” or “So What Voicing” by many jazz authorities.

Animation keyboard included
The actual video session will include the keyboard animation for easier learning
(Video is approximately 17 minutes in duration)

Any piano stylist, whether his or her interest is primarily jazz or piano styling in general, needs to be familiar with this one, since it can be played and enjoyed in virtually any favorite standard song. A thorough familiarity with this one really opens the doors for creative possibilities.

I created a special session devoted to this special chord voicing so that anyone who devotes some time to it will not only have a handle on its construction, which is not complex, but will have utmost confidence when it comes to injecting some flavorful “juice” in almost any song of his or her choice. In addition, since we are acknowledging this chord voicing within the context of a few musical segments, it’s probable that you’ll gain some extra “peripheral” benefits as well even if you are familiar with the “So What” voicing.

When I first learned this one and started implementing it, I was especially excited and I have to admit that my presentation here may be interpreted as being a little on the “energetic” side (surprised?) because I’m really excited for any fellow pianist who decides to put this at the top of his or her piano styling toolbox. Please visit here to take advantage of this special session.

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